Make Something with Your Hands

"To find fulfillment in this hectic, distracted world we must connect with something real. One significant source of fulfillment can be found in the simple act of making something with your hands." ~ The Essential Craftsman


I have been listening to Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport this week. It has sparked a lot of conversations in our household about how we spend our time. Cal Newport says in order to release ourselves from the digital world and our habits around social media and our electronic devices, we need to strategically choose how we spend our leisure time.

He suggests that we build or make something with our hands everyday. 


Inspiration for the Kitchen

Our inspiration this week comes from the food and still life photography workshop that we hosted in the barn last weekend with instructors Karen Burns and Marie Otero.


Our kitchen was filled with delicious smells as Marie and Karen prepared food to photograph....and eat!

This is an excerpt from our newsletter. Check out behind the scenes of a photo session, some beautiful food photography, a delicious Cherry Lemon Bread recipe, what’s going on in-studio and more here!

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