Featured Designer: Adam Roper

Today we are featuring interior designer Adam Roper, founder of York and Rose Interiors. I met Adam at The Nest Showroom in Portland, Oregon. It was my first visit to the showroom and Adam welcomed me with his warm personality and smile. In addition to his design business, he is on the board of the Interior Design Society of Portland and social media mastermind for The Nest Showroom.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Adam!


Growing up in colonial Northern Virginia and later in the rustic foothills of Colorado, I was, and still am, enticed by the balance of differing styles, beliefs, and tastes. My earliest interior inspiration was from my mother, who had our Colorado home professionally designed. The space focused on vibrant colors, large-scale art, and a variety of tribal artifacts. One such example that stands out is the collection of multi-colored African mud dolls hanging on a vibrantly painted violet two story wall, with a framed Navajo woven rug displayed above. Seeing the process in which a home is created and styled helped support and awaken the budding artist inside.


Desiring an environmental change from high rises of New York City to rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest, I sold my yoga studio in Upper Manhattan and moved to the West Coast in the Spring of 2016.

Adam talking about Yoga and Fung Shei

Adam talking about Yoga and Fung Shei


Upon my arrival my experience in art, space planning, and customer service, motivated me to enroll in the Heritage School of Interior Design in Portland, Oregon to earn an Interior Design certificate. This, along with my feng shui consultant certification, promoted me to establish York and Rose Interiors, a company that collaborates with its clients in order to create spaces that are personal and geared towards the client’s growth, comfort, and style.


I am also involved in a fun project called Pillow Flip. A fellow Heritage School of Interior Design grad and I take discontinued designer fabrics and make throw pillows. Pillow Flip is an upcycled, one of a kind product. Each side of the throw pillow is different, allowing you to change the look of a room with a simple Flip!


York and Rose truly believes that a home or work space should not only tell the story of who the client is, but who that client is becoming as well.


With an awareness of clients' varying investment levels, York and Rose creates holistic interiors that are functional yet fabulous.


You can find more of Adam’s work here. Find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest