Behind The Scenes: In The Studio


It is good for your soul to make something with your hands.
~ The Crafters Box 

In our last newsletter we talked about the value of putting our devices down and making something with our hands. My husband, Tim,  did that very thing last week! He took a one day blacksmithing class to explore his interest in the craft.


Old world crafts, like blacksmithing, are a great opportunity to make something with your hands! Many of these traditional crafts are making a comeback and that makes my soul very happy! 


I have to admit that I was not completely successful in my attempt to limit my device time last week. Some days were better than others....but I am at least aware of this habit....and acknowledgement is the first step...right? lol

I did manage to get our pumpkin patch planted....without the help of any device and it was fabulous to play in the dirt again after a long winter! 

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!

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