Featured Artist: Jamie Jamison


You may recognize photographer Jamie Jamison from a blog post a few years ago. Things have changed rapidly for Jamie during that time….for instance….her following on IG is now 10x and over 264 thousand images have been tagged to Petals and Props, a hashtag she started for still life photography! Congratulations Jamie for all of your successes!

Jamie and I met at Kim Klassen’s photography studio in Canada several years ago. It was a very inspiring weekend and we all came away with a desire to create more beautiful still-life images.

Jamie is now a photographer for Aidan Gray Furniture, Monica Potter Home, Farmhouse Pottery, and Urban Stems. She also teaches workshops for IG influencers and is a Social Media and Floral Photography Instructor at the famous Flower School in NYC.

And guess what!?…..drum roll please….she will be teaching her first workshop in the PNW at Made on 23rd! September 13-15 right here in our barn! You can find the workshop details here….right after you take a look at her beautiful images below!

Here is what Jamie had to say about her work…..


Sometimes, life throws a curve that changes your direction and sends you down an unexpected path.  

Artist: Jamie Jameson

Artist: Jamie Jameson

Several years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. My kids were teenagers and life was full of stress and I remembered needing something...anything that might alleviate the stress I was feeling at the time. A few local art classes lead to an interest in photography and I found that this new interest created not only a newfound solace, but a new creative path as well. There was no real plan to be a photographer, just a need to escape, to breathe and to be creative.  Taking photos and posting on Instagram became a daily creative meditation that filled the void of losing my Mom and working through the challenging teenage years of my kids.


Today, I am a natural light and still-life photographer with a passion for flowers, vintage finds and handmade treasures.  People often ask., “Why flowers?” and I say, “the answer is simple--because they bring joy!” 


Don’t we all need just a little joy in our lives?

Now after many classes and thousands of photos, I am an Instagram Influencer with over 40,000 followers.  I connect with other floral enthusiasts and have inspired people throughout the world with uplifting photos and the hashtag #petalsandprops which has generated over 264k tags! 

My work extends beyond the boundaries of floral photography as I share my marketing, communication, and photography experience with other business owners.  I’m a social media content manager and provide Instagram coaching, photography and styling for businesses in addition to working as a brand partner with several national companies. The unexpected gifts of these connections have fostered new friendships and the ability to share the work of so many talented makers.


I currently live in Youngstown, Ohio and Chautauqua, NY with my very supportive husband.    


My work has appeared in the pages of Somerset Life, Bella Grace Magazine, Somerset Digital Studio, Somerset Memories, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio Gallery, Somerset Apprentice, and my work has been featured at the Torpedo Factory Target Gallery.   


Find more of Jamie’s work @alajamie @petalsandprops and here.

Register for Petals and Props Workshop here.

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