Featured Artist: Stephanie Burton

Please welcome clay artist Stephanie Burton to our blog today! Stephanie and I met one year ago when she visited our studio during Open Studios of Clark County. We had an instant connection through our shared love of art. Stephanie will be our first Guest Artist at Made on 23rd. We will be team teaching in our new space at the barn! You can find more information about the workshop here.

Meet Stephanie and read what she had to say about her work. 

I have been working with clay for 16 years. Five years ago, I became the ceramic hand-building teacher at Georgies' Ceramic & Clay in Portland. I felt an instant connection teaching clay to others and knew right away this was my calling. After certain circumstances occurred in my life, I realized I had no more time to waste, it was time to open my own studio and share the gift of my craft. In 2017 Stephanie Burton Studios was born!

 It's so exciting to finally have a creative space to make art and share it with others. I offer Clay Classes, Clay Open Studio, Mixed-Media Classes, Glaze Classes and a variety of Workshops from my home studio in Vancouver, Washington. My goal is to provide a safe & inspiring environment where you can leave your stress at the door and find your creative Mojo AND perhaps make a friend or two!

Being able to express myself creatively is one of the best gifts I could ever ask for. Art has saved me more than once. My most recent epiphany came roaring in like a freight train. This time, I listened.

I am now offering sculpture classes including bunnies, sheep, alpacas
and many other fuzzy creatures.

This is just one of many projects you can make in the “Clay” class - Folded Collage Vases.


I also offer Mixed Media Classes! These are samples of some of my Mixed Media Projects:

Collage Painting Class

Collage Painting Class

Collage Painting Class

Collage Painting Class


I'm so exciting to be a visiting artist at the New Barn located at Made on 23rd! Carve and create a Clay Bud Vase with Deb Spofford & Stephanie Burton
Friday, August 31st (6:30 PM - 9:30 PM)

I will be participating in the Clark County Open Studio Tour. Feel free to stop by and say hello and check out my studio!

If you are interested in taking classes check out my website: stephanieburtonstudios.com. We host birthday parties, craft night, girls/guys night and special events.