Featured Artist: Jane Peet

Today we welcome Jane Peet to our blog. She is a sweet soul that I met.....yes....on Instagram. I love following her stories and her treasure hunting journey. I think you will agree that she is one of those people that you just want to have as your friend. And....oh my...what a wonderful eye she has for vintage items and photography. Here is what Jane had to say about her work. 

I want to thank Deb for extending this invitation.  As I ponder what to say I feel humbled and honored to be here.

I am a Vintage Dealer turned visual storyteller.  Over the last several years I have done countless shows and have a permanent location in the largest antique mall in the south.

After my husband built our barn I started to dream of slowing down a bit.

Made On 23rd Barn-1417.jpg

Gone was the extensive inventory and the monthly three-day show, allowing for more time to explore a new vision I had in mind.

I started to think about photographing my vintage finds.  As a dealer I travel the country looking for unique & often one of a kind treasures.  While these are ideal for home décor I also feel like they are ideal for still life photography.

Made On 23rd -1383.jpg

There is nothing like the patina of a time worn piece and the feelings it can evoke in others with almost no or very few words.

Made On 23rd Berry Cart-1250.jpg

As you follow along you will see pieces that call our house home and pieces that are for sale.  

I do this to give my followers a glimpse into my personal style & the story behind it.

Photography has opened the doors to items I may have overlooked in the past.   I now shop with styling a photo in mind.  The voile you often see me use has become a favorite.  It is timeless and with one toss it gives my photographs softness and adds texture. 

Made On 23rd Laundry-1319.jpg

At some point I will retire the antiques that are not in my personal collection.  My dream is to one day see my vintage treasures gracing other people’s beautiful photos.

Made On 23rd Chair-1335.jpg

With that in mind, I have held back on reopening my online shop…gathering and thinking what others may be interested in.

My hope is that when you read a little bit about me it inspires you to listen to your heart.  As my journey takes a turn I can tell you that I don’t see the whole staircase, but I have faith in taking the first step.


See more of Jane's photography and visit her blog at these links.

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