Featured Artist: Christiann Koepke

We are thrilled to welcome Christiann Koepke to our blog this week. I first met Christiann through the wonderful world of Instagram and then in person at a secret supper event that I wrote about here. I think you will find Christiann's gorgeous food photography and recipes inspiring! 

Hi there! I’m Christiann, a Portland - based Photographer, Creative Director & Recipe Curator. I’m passionate about creating beauty and sharing it with you - yes you : ) .

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My journey with food began when I was a little girl in a small town in Montana.  Our daily family ritual was spending each meal together.   Gathered around the dining room table was our thing.  Even though the meals shared were anything but fancy, it taught me life-long lessons.

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I learned that making your own food can be incredibly rewarding and an act of love.  Sharing the food you make, creates joy and fulfillment.  I didn’t realize at the time that this chapter of my life would influence many of my choices down the road, in turn making me happier than I could ever imagine.

Years later, somehow my journey has turned into this beautiful culmination of everything lovely and beautiful. And even so, I wake up everyday, challenged with the seeming impossibility of how to create what “has yet to be” - while simultaneously savoring the truth that just yesterday, I conquered something I actually never knew I was capable of.

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My philosophy is - life is beautiful. And - not so perfect. In all this, I believe in the power of food.  It nurtures.  It creates warmth, belonging, community and friendship. My passion and desire in this process of continual growth is to redefine perfection as we know it. Both in the creative community, in the kitchen and also - in our everyday lives.

I’m on a journey to discover beauty, open it up, create it, and share it with the world. My creative journey is not my own, but ours together. I love being apart of a global community of people who are passionate about not only what they create, but how they live their lives.

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Sharing my latest recipe for Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and rose apples. I hope you enjoy. Let’s connect over on social - don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you Deb, for the honor of being included in this inspirational artist line up.

To see more of Christiann's lovely work, visit her Instagram at @christiannkoepke or view her blog: https://christiannkoepke.com/

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