Embroidery Inspiration- Book Recommendation

I'm still working on my Boustrophedon embroidery project. Adding a few stitches when I am inspired and when I have time in the evenings. I find this project to be very relaxing with an element of instant gratification. Perfect for a short attention span! 

I recently found two fabulious embroidery books that I want to share with you. The Embroidered Garden by Kazuko Aoki and Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi. Both books are full of visual inspiration, a stitch guide, and instructions for small sewing projects. 

Inside The Embroidered Garden you will find beautifully photographed botanical themed images organized by season.  

I especially like the herb sampler with ribbon tape.  So....cute!  

The inspiration for these daisy flowers came from Kazuko's book. Only three stitches required....the outline stitch, the lazy daisy stitch, and a few french knots. 

Inside Zakka Embroidery you will find page after page of botanical drawings that you can trace and stitch. The project images are beautifully styled and have a "kinfolk" minimalist feel. 

I love the little blue and white pincushions. Most of these designs are sewn with a running lazy daisy stitch.

I used that same running lazy daisy stitch for this leaf. I like the boldness of black and white for this sampler....AND.... I am already planning the next sampler that will be full of color! 

I hope you have been inspired to pick up a needle and thread and stitch along with me! It's easy and fun and relaxing.