Embroidery Sampler Boustrophedon Style


On my list of Goals for 2017 is a category titled Creative Fun and on that list I have written "learn and practice new embroidery stitches".  I love having a hand sewing project to work on in the evenings and so I started a new sampler. My plan for this piece is....not to have a plan. 

I'm drawing inspiration from a Boustrophedonic project I had in design school.  Our Professor, EJ Herczyk, wrote "boustrophedon is a greek work that means turning like an ox while plowing. It is an ancient method of writing in which lines are inscribed alternately from right to left and from left to right".

The two art pieces above were both started in this manner; drawing lines from right to left and left to right without picking up the pen. The shapes created by those lines were then filled with patterns and textures and shading. 


Following the boustrophedon inspiration, I drew a random pattern of lines and circles moving  right to left and left to right on a piece of bristol board. Next I traced the pattern onto a piece of European linen with a pencil. 

And then....I started stitching. 

This week I am drawing inspiration from our environment. We had a record snowfall last week and here are some of the sights in our snowy world. 

A few embroidered snowflakes seemed like a must. 

During the weekend we escaped snowmaggedon and enjoyed two beautiful days on the Oregon coast. There I found more inspiration in the water and the rocks. 

Eventually I will fill this entire piece of linen with random patterns.

Our professor encouraged us to "make beautiful mistakes", "be okay with imperfection", and "be unapologetic about your creativity".  I hope to practice this wisdom as I work on this project.  


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