Home Decor Trends 2

"February arrives cold, wet and gray, her gifts disguised for only the most discerning spirits to see." 

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach


"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!"  
~ allcupation.com 

February is a good month for indoor projects and faffing. Are you familiar with the word faffing? The Cambridge dictionary defines it like this..."to spend your time doing a lot of things that are not important instead of the thing that you should be doing".

Faffing sounds a bit like procrastination but I like to think of it as time spent doing small tasks that make you happy. The tasks may not be important in a big scheme of life, but they are important to your well being. My favorite faffing day is all about moving and changing and refreshing things in our home. Clearing the clutter, arranging fresh cut flowers, putting fruit in a pretty bowl, fluffing pillows on the sofa, or switching decorations on our dining room table for the season. When it's rainy or snowy outside...try a bit of faffing!

As promised in our last newsletter, we are continuing our Home Decor Trends Series. This week we will look at "Put a Plate on It" and "I see the Light." 


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