Featured Artist: Katie Berggren

I’m very excited to introduce you to the very talented artist Katie Berggren. Katie and I met years ago when she was working as a graphic designer. She designed one of my first business logos! It was a pleasure working with her on that project!

Time went by…..we moved a few more times…and Katie and I lost connection. Then….about a year ago we reconnected at a philanthropic art show in our neighborhood! It was nice to catch-up and learn that Katie is following her passion! I simply love her work and her message!

Please meet Katie Berggren!


Hello! My name is Katie m. Berggren. I am a full-time mother. I am a full-time artist. This means, to me, that I am never NOT thinking/feeling like a mother and I am never NOT thinking/feeling like an artist. I am contemplating paintings in my head while I am making (sometimes burning) dinner. I am thinking of my kids and their quirks when I am varnishing a painting. In each activity I like to think I am present and focused when the time is right, but the menial parts of each job allow me to overlap my two favorite positions; artist and mama. Two rich zones of work, with overlapping edges. And always the love for one overlaying or underlaying the other.


I’ve been creating since I was six years old, filling pages of sketchbooks with faces and critters. Through high school and college, I dabbled with colored pencils, paint, digital art, pen and ink, alcohol-based markers, and pencil. I started my first business in High School, creating pencil portraits for families. My second business was as a logo and graphic designer, after college. I also kept illustrating. Before I became a mama, I was creating imagery featuring birds, nests, eggs, children, butterflies, trees and a variety of imaginative critters. My goal was to point out the lovely little elements in our lives, with humor and detail. I have been honored to be a self-represented and self-employed artist since before my children were born.


Once I had my first baby I *KNEW* I was meant to capture motherhood – and once I put paint to his nursery wall for a mural I *KNEW* I was meant to use paint on canvas. Becoming a mother triggered my urge to capture moments of nurture, strength, surrender and affection. Holding my beautiful first baby, I realized the relationship that he deserved with his mama. Again, I found the beauty in the little moments of our lives. And I realized the importance of SEEING our children.

That’s how it all started ~ 15 years ago!


My favorite subject in my paintings is motherhood – and the human connection in general. I love capturing skin to skin and the way bodies fold together. I love the way hair can flow and dance and interact. I love energy and movement and sparkle and glow. I love the interaction between mother and child, and friends and family. I am both fascinated by and baffled by human relationships.

Everywhere in my studio workspace is PAINT. Painted, painty, crusty. I am a bit of a clean freak and a BIG clutter-phobe, but for some reason I let my studio be… BE messy, BE paint-splattered. No way to keep it under control AND BE freely working at the same time, I guess.


Today, I mostly create paintings inspired specifically by the moments between mother and child and families ~ my goal is to honor these moments and encourage stopping and realizing the beauty and blessings we have within our families. I hope to inspire mothers to look into their children's faces and recognize the tenderness of a child's heart and feelings.


I am a constant student of sociology and psychology as it plays out in our everyday lives. I use my paint and canvas to speak about the importance of finding real human connection in a busy, disconnected and shallow world; the importance of reaching out to another soul, especially the small ones, and those who feel alone. The value in really seeing, listening to, and feeling with them.


I create custom commissioned paintings for clients all over the world and my prints and paintings hang in the homes of 70+ countries. I hand-pack orders in my little studio, and you can find original paintings, motherhood prints, glass art pendants, artsy merch t-shirts, and some of my illustrated books in my online shop at www.Shop.KmBerggren.com. Learn more at www.KmBerggren.com.

Thank you! Sincerely, Katie m. Berggren

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