Featured Artist: Brandi Oldham

This week we welcome local interior designer, Brandi Oldham, to our blog. She brings her passion and knowledge of sensory integration into her design process and believes that your home should be place where you thrive.

Please meet Brandi!

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My name is Brandi Oldham and I am the owner and interior designer behind Brandiwine Interior Design.

My journey with interior design began in 2006 as a sensory integration teacher for children on the autism spectrum. As a sensory integration teacher, I found myself captivated by spaces that either helped my students succeed in school or hindered their progress. Fabrics, object placement, and sounds all played such a huge role in my student’s ability to succeed. What started as a fun challenge to help my students became a passion for designing spaces. Today I have transitioned out of teaching, but you can still find me volunteering as a coach with Special Olympics on the weekends.

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As an interior designer, I have used the skills I gained as an educator to provide services to individuals with sensory disorders, mobility concerns, or other unique needs. I believe that our homes should be places where we thrive and this can only be accomplished if the space can function to meet our needs and aesthetically inspire us to be our best selves.

In addition to my specialized services, I also offer services to fit all stages of life. My color and style consultation service is designed for the needs my husband and I had when we first moved in together. We thought we were on the same page with our style and tastes – little did we know we actually prefer different color palettes! This service provides a hands-on activity and discussion around your unique needs and preferences. It’s perfect for roommates, newlyweds, or those individuals that are overwhelmed with where to start in the process.

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I also specialize in apartment and rental design. For anyone who has ever lived in an apartment, you know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are in a temporary space. Apartments and rentals are temporary spaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reflect you or feel like home.

Below is a before and after I recently worked on for an apartment in Portland. This client is a young working professional who loves a modern style, but wanted to capture a Southwest flair.

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As you can see, her design selection really came through in all of the details throughout her space.

These additional accents helped to capture the Southwestern flair that the client was looking to create.

These additional accents helped to capture the Southwestern flair that the client was looking to create.

This was such a fun project because of her unique style! I believe that every home should be a reflection of the people dwelling within the space. It should feel personal, cared for, and most of all like coming “home”.

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