Featured Artist: Shelley Rounds

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We are very happy to feature artist Shelley Rounds this week. Shelley and I met at a photography retreat in Canada over a year ago and I have been following her beautiful Instagram feed since then. Shelley works full time and still manages to make time for her photography passion. We can all learn from her......there is always time if we just look for it! Thank you Shelley for sharing your story with us today. 

Hi everyone....

I'm so excited to be invited to Made on 23rd.  I enjoy sharing my love of photography.

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I love finding and collecting props.  Years ago when I started collecting props I gathered pretty much whatever caught my eye.  Now I'm more selective about what I collect.  There have been times that I have looked for a specific prop for weeks.

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I've been known to make quite a mess when taking photos.  I get "in the zone" and I tend to lose track of time.  Since I have a full-time job, I generally spend a day taking many pictures rather than taking a picture each day.

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Everyone has that one thing to help relieve the stress or anxiety of daily life.  Mine is photography. Find that one thing that helps, share or don't share, just enjoy. 

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Please feel free to follow me on Instagram: @shelley.rounds

or my website: www.shelleyroundsphotos.smugmug.com