Finding the Spectacular in Ordinary Things

Good Morning!

I read a quote this week that said something like this....."If you have not seen the spectacular today then you are not looking". I'm paraphrasing this and I do not know who the author was but it really resonated with me. 

Lets talk radishes....very ordinary and yet spectacular in color and shape and texture. Last weekend we went to the farmers market and a new vendor was setting up his vegetable stand. His display was simple and beautifully arranged. And....the radishes were.... spectacular! 


Today we are celebrating the spectacular in the ordinary!  The humble radish. 

In the Studio  


Exciting News!
Our sister web site, is now live! You heard it here first! This site will be the new home for our workshop registrations, photography props, and DIY products. Our logo is still a work in progress but the bones of the site are in place.  Pop over and take a look around. 

Learn about our new workshops and read the full article here

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