Featured Artist: Beth Clark

It is my pleasure to welcome interior designer, Beth Clark, to our blog today! Beth and I met coffee a few months ago and had an instant connection! I could have stayed the entire day talking with her about interior design, her trip to furniture market, and her love for the interior design community! Beth is the president of IDS of Portland and has an enormous amount of energy and generosity.

You will find inspiration for your own home in the beautiful farmhouse project she shared with us. See how she made her clients vision a fabulous reality! 

photo for deb's bp 1.jpg

My client had an idea, a vision. He wanted a farmhouse kitchen in his barn. A place where he could can the produce he grows on his farm. A place where friends could come watch the game or enjoy dinner. And a place that could handle life on the farm without him having to think about upkeep. The key to making this possible was thinking about the details. I knew that choosing the right materials was crucial and made sure I selected materials that would enforce my client’s vision.

edited joe's kitchen.jpeg

I found a wood-like tile that would take all the wear and tear large dogs dish out. The fabrics had to be able to wear like iron, but still look good and be comfortable to sit on. The countertop had to be able to withstand spills and having hot pans placed on it because sometimes cooking with friends can get a little a little messy.

We both agreed the room needed to be filled with items that looked hand crafted and collected over time. The reclaimed wood on the back wall adds a layer of age and warmth to the room. A custom copper table looks like it’s far older than it is. Not only is it high enough so the dogs can’t reach the top, as it ages the patina will make it even more beautiful. Even the accessories add to the feel of the room having been around for a long time. Vintage pieces are mixed with new to give the room a collected look.

joe's kitchen 1-2.jpg deb's bp.jpg

Something can be made from nothing when you remember the details need to reinforce the vision you’re working towards. When these well thought out details are put together, you’ll create something beautiful.

To see more of Beth's beautiful work and connect, visit her website, instagram, and pinterest!