DIY Vintage Candle Holders

With autumn in the air and winter almost here, candle season is upon us! And if you’re like me and have more candles than candle holders, this might just be the project for you!
This is a simple project that you can make in a few hours. You just need a few wood logs and some vintage glass candle holders.

I recently found sixteen of these vintage glass candle holders at a thrift store. They were the perfect colors for a Harvest party table that I was decorating. The candle holders came home with me and I spent an afternoon in the shop building holders from the glass pieces and logs.

Here’s how I did it.

I chose several logs from our wood pile to cut into holders. They don’t need to be anything too special– as long as they are pest free and complement the glass, they will work just fine.

The chop saw worked very well to cut the logs into several different lengths for the bases of the holders.

I measured the bottom of the glass candle holders with calipers to determine the size of drill bit I would need.

Holes were drilled into the tops of the logs with the drill press. These just need to be as deep as the candle holder stems.

When all of the holes were drilled I placed the glass holders into the log pieces.

I made two different styles….but for my fall table I only used the style on the left.


They worked perfectly! I will be on the lookout for more of these glass holders….maybe in Spring colors!

Another possible way these could be made might be with glass bottles with their bottoms cut off or even some short-stemmed glasses. Let us know if you end up making this or a similar project and feel free to tag us on Instagram with @MadeOn23rd!