Connection to the Cloth


"I love the way textiles often tell a story, conveying a history of the maker or capturing a moment in time that can be treasured forever in the intricate craftsmanship of these timeless precise pieces"   ~Kit Kemp  A Living Space

Happy Sunday!

I think this quote by Kit Kemp speaks to the connection and story telling of textiles. Whether it is a special quilt that our grandmother made, a piece of beautiful ribbon that takes us back to a notable moment in time, or a remembered pattern on the curtains in our childhood home, there is a connection. Textiles bring us comfort when we are sick, keep us warm at night, and express our personal style both in fashion and in our homes. 

Someone asked me recently why we block print our fabric. I thought for a moment and then said "because there is a connection to the cloth that is traditional, and personal, and artistic." Each impression of the block creates a small piece of art that is unique in its composition. The amount of ink and the pressure applied to the block leaves the signature of the printer in the cloth.

As we thoughtfully pay attention to the craftsmanship and stories of the products we buy....we build a connection to the "things" in our homes. We can all be part of the emerging slow design movement. 

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