Art Process - Behind the Scenes


We are working on a large art piece for Open Studios Clark County. It has been a work in progress for several months. Below is a behind the scenes look at how we make art.


1) It starts with a line drawing and a rough sketch.


2) Then I use colored pencils to play with color combinations.


3) A black pen is used to add stitch lines.


4) When the color combination is finalized, we enlarge the design and cut printing blocks for each section of the design.

5) When the blocks are ready, we lay out the fabric and print each block and color. You can see how we print in the video above.


6) After the fabric is printed we let the ink dry for a while and then set the inks with a heat press.


7) Now the art pieces are ready for stitching!


8) Thread colors are chosen and a loose stitch plan is sketched on paper.

9) Then the stitching is worked into the design. You can see how that works in the video above. I like to have a general plan for stitching and then let the art speak its mind as it progresses. Stay tuned to see the finished artwork!

Hope you will join the Open Studio Tour in November were 50 local artists open their studios to show how they make art! You will be inspired!

Here are the details.

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