Featured Artist: Barb Brookbank


I would like to introduce you to Barb Brookbank, our featured artist this week.  I know you will enjoy her story and the beautiful images she created for our blog today. In addition to being a talented photographer and stylist she also has a talent for making wreaths! I had the opportunity to participate in one of her workshops at a photography retreat we both attended last year. Oh what fun that was!!! 

Here's what Barb wrote...

Hi everyone! First I want to thank Deb for inviting me to share part of my story/journey with you.

I met Deb at a photography retreat over a year ago and was instantly drawn to her calm, quiet demeanour. My only regret is there wasn’t enough time to get to know her better (but perhaps we will meet again some day, Deb!)

When I sat down to write this post I kept thinking … gosh where do I start? I’ve been around for so long (lol) and I believe everything we do in life builds on one thing, then the next thing, and the next thing, and that is how we grow and change. All my life I’ve had to find ways to express myself creatively and I’ve dabbled in everything from macrame to scrapbooking to sewing to floral design.

Today I call myself a blogger, a stylist, a photographer, and photo editor because that is what I do. I’ve always loved graphic design and together with my camera, Photoshop, and Lightroom, I’ve been able to indulge my passions.


Some people may not call what I do “work” but that’s how I view it. More and more I find myself referring to what I do as work, as in “I have work to do”.

Simply because I’m not earning a living from it does not make it any less important. Or any less work for that matter. I get up every morning eager to style photos, take photos, edit photos, write blog posts, or all of the above. Some projects are paid, some are not. Being paid is great, but really, my point is: show up, do the work, let it go, and you just never know what wonderful things may happen.


I like clean, simple, and to the point, and while I’m drawn to many styles, white space makes my heart sing. I can’t seem to decide on whether I love light and bright, or dark and moody, and often my images have a whimsical side to them. So I’ve learned to accept the fact that I’m a little bit all over the place and that’s OK.


I like to share what I’ve learned and that is what I love most about my blog, although it’s a bit all over the place too! I share tips on blogging, recipes, floral arranging, gardening, etc. etc.

As someone who is committed to lifelong learning, my blog is the place where I show up to prove it and it’s my hope that something I do there may inspire you.


To learn more about Barb please visit her blog or follow on Instagram:
Blog: “Keeping With the Times”
Instagram: @keepingwiththetimes

You can shop the linens that you see in Barb's photos here