Ode to Peonies and how to Preserve them for later!

Our peonies are about to bloom! I anticipate the first bloom every year as they have such wonderful memories for me. When I was growing up we would travel to my grandparents home before memorial day and pack the back of their station wagon with dozens of peonies. My grandmother would save 3 pound coffee tins all year for this occasion. The coffee tins became vases for peony bouquets that we delivered to cemeteries around the area. The tradition of this family activity and the heavenly smell of a car full of peonies still makes me smile. 

We have two peony bushes in our yard that are covered with buds and there will soon be a bountiful harvest of flowers. I can not wait to press my face into the first bloom, smell that beautiful scent, and be transported to my childhood.  

All of these buds will bloom about the same time and then they will be gone for the season. Such a shame.....but wait! My friend, Barb Brookbank, has a wonderful trick for preserving the buds for several months.  Can you image how wonderful it would be to have peonies in October?

Here is a link to Barb's blog post that explains the process. She conducted an experiment last year and you can read the results here. Be sure to subscribe to her blog while you are there! She is an amazing photographer, loves growing succulents and herbs, and has been featured in Artful Blogger and many other publications.  I think you will LOVE her blog! 

I am going to try Barbs preservation trick this year and I hope to have fresh peonies on our table in October! 


That's all for today.....just spreading the peony love and for those of you in the States, Happy Memorial Day. 

And....Happy Birthday to my Mom!