Behind The Scenes: A day with Catherine Sprod

When photographer/photo stylist (and friend), Catherine Sprod, found the time in her demanding schedule to venture from Vancouver BC, to Vancouver, WA, Made On 23rd feverishly prepped for creativity, artistry, and of course, fun. 

The weekend was spent shooting our new Spring Collection, Fresh Linen, and it was everything as expected--and more! So much so, we've decided to share some playful 'cutting room floor' shots with all of you. Cheers!   

Thanks for braving the rain with us, Catherine!

And Deb, too--total pros!

Enough rain! Time to dry off, get warm, and get down to business with the indoor shots...

A few final products...

Gorgeous, right? Thank you so much to Catherine Sprod for the unbelievable creative energy, and fun! Check out her Instagram feed for more gorgeous projects, and give her a follow, here.

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