DIY Project with an Elephant and a Giraffe?

I love inexpensive diy projects that have a big impact. Especially when they do not take a lot of time.

Let's recap...inexpensive, big impact, not much time! The trifecta of diy projects! And this project included some interesting characters from the jungle. 

The inspiration for this project was an upcoming photo shoot that I was preparing for and one of the color themes was black and white.

I found these little pretties at a thrift store. But they did not originally look like this....

They looked like this. Yikes!

Hattie, my daughter-in-law, was shopping with me and was the visionary for these. She suggested that I paint them black. Brilliant!

In addition to the jungle creatures, I found some cool spoons, and a set of dishes.  I also rummaged through my closet and found some vases that needed a makeover. 

Let the painting begin! 

I used flat black Krylon spray paint to transform these thrift store finds into Wowza props for the photo shoot.

Hint: Be patient and spray several light coats to prevent runs. 

I love these spoons! 

And here they are in all their glory after the transformation. 

Can you find the giraffe? 

Black plates and vase....

and our jungle friends in the foreground....

That's it...spray paint and a few fun objects. So easy! What do you have in your home that needs a little makeover? 

Special THANK YOU to our friends Norma and Jim Merrett that let me use their beautiful home for this photo shoot.