Featured Artist: Patricia Mark

This week we welcome featured artist Pat Mark to our blog. Pat and I first met on Instagram and discovered shortly after that we lived within a few miles of each other. I had the pleasure of meeting Pat in person and enjoyed giving her a tour of our studio. Speaking of studios....I think you will enjoy seeing Pat's studio where she creates magic. 


Thank you, Deb, for asking me to be a guest on your blog. I am flattered to be among so many wonderful artists.

My journey to art has taken on many twists and turns. I never thought of myself as artistic. I didn’t take art classes in school or try in any way to be artistic but somewhere inside me there lived a spirit that wanted to express herself artistically.

I think my love for the camera came from my mom — she always had one with her to record our vacations and holidays. I have her camera now and use it on occasion when I want to return to the days of film.

Photo #1 Mom's Camera.jpg

Before I took up the camera I decided to try my hand at oil painting, so I took classes for a while. I enjoyed learning, but never felt that I was meant to be a painter. However, it did lead me to other methods of painting and using the medium in conjunction with photography. I came up with a way to print my photos onto a special textured paper and incorporate them with oil or acrylic on canvas. I still work with this on occasion.

Photo #2 Mixed Media.jpg

When I started to take photography seriously I wanted to learn all I could. I took classes and went on photo shoots with professionals to learn how to use my camera. I loved it. Photography was the freedom I didn’t find in painting. My first love has always been landscapes, especially if there are old barns or homesteads or vehicles in the frame.

Photo #3+Sweet Creek Falls.jpg

That changed for me when I discovered Instagram. I started following people that had these gorgeous still life photos. That for me was a game changer. I wanted to find a way to do this too. So, more classes, networking, and meeting new people online brought me to where I am today with my photography. I have converted one bedroom in my house to my studio room. It holds all my props and drops and it’s where I try to do my set-ups. Sometimes the light in other parts of the house works better so you could say I use the whole house as a studio.

Photo#4 My Studio.jpg

My favorite thing to do is find new props to use. Anything old works best for me. Antique stores, garage sales, Goodwill,... I am always on the lookout for something that will work in a Still Life.  That is the fun part for me.  Putting a Still Life together is a bit of a challenge for me. I have to think it all out, pull the things I need, then try to make sense of it.

Photo #5 Props.jpg
Photo #5+Voile and Ribbon Made on 23rd..jpg

I don’t shoot a lot of photos but on days when I am inspired I tend to spend all day at it. I have started to use the iPhone more than the camera and lenses, for me it is more freeing to know I can shoot and edit the photos on the phone and post them much faster. I do not like sitting at the computer to edit.

Photo #7 Flowers.jpg
Photo #8 On the Fence.jpg

I don’t have a website for my work other than Instagram and Facebook. I do have a blog but I have not done anything with it for several years. I would like to get back to posting stories there.  There is a link in my Instagram profile for it.

To see more of Patricia Mark's beautiful photography and visit her social media pages, use the links provided below:

Instagram: patmark            Blog: PatMark

Featured Artist - Angie Wendricks

This week we welcome Angie Wendricks to our Blog. You will find some of her beautiful images on our website header. I found Angie’s Instagram feed through a recommendation and instantly fell in love with her style. I think you will also love the minimalist relaxed farmhouse style Angie creates in her home and in her studio shed.


My name is Angie Wendricks. I live in Indiana with my husband Alex and bulldog Olive. We built and designed our house with the hope of simplifying our life. I have always really craved a simple life with room to breathe and think . I find the minimal lifestyle helps with that. Less clutter and less “things “ to take care of , which gives room to enjoy other things .


I choose to have an all white interior because it’s a blank canvas. It’s very calm and serene to me. I know that a lot of people view all white as stark and uninviting, but I see it differently. The world is such a loud and busy place and when I come home I want to have few distractions and a zen-type place. I love to mix rustic wood, vintage pieces, textures, and linens for warmth to make up for the lack of color.


For me the more monochromatic the space is, the more peaceful it feels. I do love being in fresh flowers with their pops of color, and I always try to have something “alive" to look at — especially in the winter months. I don’t shop very much so I really enjoy the simple pleasures of flowers or a nice candle. When I started embracing the minimalist lifestyle I found it much more satisfying having less than having more. It makes you appreciate the things you do have and when I do buy something it’s a piece I really love and plan on keeping for a long time.


Most things we buy these days are from artisans or flea markets because I try to find unique things wherever I go. I’d have to say, one of my favorites is our dining table which we found at a local market. It’s rustic, simple, and made from reclaimed wood. The wood is on its second life here at our house.


I really love the idea of repurposed items. One rule I have for myself is: no matter how big or small the item is, it's 'one thing in, one thing out'. it helps keep the house clutter free and under control.


My day usually starts with a huge cup of coffee. I have really embraced the pour over method these last two years. It’s a slow way of making coffee that forces you to slow down and enjoy the process as well as the end product. Currently coveting Passion House coffee from Chicago! 


I really enjoy walking, exercise, and spending time with my dog Olive. I find that walking is just as much a physical workout as well as mental. I find inspiration everywhere and sometimes a lot of my ideas for photos come from quiet time alone or just “being" with my dog.


I find taking photos very relaxing and therapeutic — it takes your mind and focuses it someplace else. You are totally in the moment. My brain tends to work overtime with ideas so having that time to photograph is good for me. I started taking photos at our old house before the building of our new one. I just wanted to make something beautiful, as strange as that sounds. I really crave beauty. And luckily it’s everywhere if you just look for it.


Mostly my photos are interior/still life and lifestyle photos but I really enjoy photographing landscapes, flowers, animals, and birds. I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Which is a magical little thing when you learn to utilize it. And I also have a canon rebel. The iPhone is how I taught myself. I have practiced angles, light, and time of day for photos for years. It’s just like anything else in life, you have to practice constantly.


To see more of Angie's beautiful home and photography, visit her Instagram and website with the following links!

Instagram: @countyroadliving                     Website: countyroadliving.com